Every celebration in your life is unique. P.O.Y.L. tickles your senses and brings joy and moments of pleasure to your life. No matter what work you do or how you spend your days, part OF YOUR LIFE lasts all the time!

P.O.Y.L. is a new-age luxury concept party to celebrate your life as you are and as you choose to be! This is a unique combination of a top-class concert, inspirational storytelling, a catchy show, chilling, and fulfilling dancing. Our events create magical opportunities to celebrate, chill, dance to top notch electronic music, meet beautiful people, and experience superb locations. Our parties are full of surprises, passion and talented artists. 

Everything that happens at our events is unique and fantastic, tailored together by people who genuinely enjoy what they do, and it’s sure to be one very special moment in your life!

Each party has a character of its own, with different locations, alternating themes, or new exciting details that create a sense of anticipation and mystery. Experience top class entertainment with P.O.Y.L. events, where every detail, from the venue to the visual and auditory sensations, is carefully chosen to elevate your spirit and enchant your senses.

You are very welcome to celebrate life and create magic with us!

P.O.Y.L. Parties have an atmosphere of unparalleled luxury and creativity, where every event is a meticulously crafted experience featuring inspiring locations, top tier entertainers, and the finest electronic music for an unforgettable time of dance and delight.

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Want to be VIP guest at your own event? We know how to organize the party of your life. We offer a fusion of high-end entertainment and profound emotional impact, designed to leave you feeling inspired, alive, and joyously connected after your event.

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Transform your corporate gatherings into unforgettable experiences with our premium event services. From sophisticated open-house events to grand company celebrations, we ensure each event is both impressive and impeccably organized.

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A very nice and magical party. Lots of interesting thoughts and conversations, a cozy and warm environment where you could dance forgetfully. Would like to experience it again.


POYL is without a doubt one of the most beautiful party series I have had the privilege to attend. Kadri, Ingrid Joya and Ivo are a magical trio who have the power to bring you to life - to make you shine as the brightest star in the starry sky of your own inner cosmos. I feel sincerely grateful to have been part of this experience. Keep doing what you are doing, because you are doing it very well. And so it is that everything that you, I and he touches becomes truly gold. Thank you!

Heinike Luht

I really liked Kadri and Joya's stories and music, which together with Ivo's set formed a nice combo that I definitely want to see and hear again.

Tõnu Schilf

This party is where the magic happens - and everyone is part of it. So much beauty and so much authenticity for the eye, the ear and all senses! Thank you for giving us such a gift! Until the next wonderful meetings!

Elo Viirmann

It's a bit difficult to put it all into words, because you just have to EXPERIENCE it! It's wonderful how Kadri and Joya complemented each other and allowed the listener to wander where in everyday life there might not be time/skills/etc. We are all beautiful!And also the music played by Ivo with Kadri's vocals made you dance to the heights of liberation. Heartfelt gratitude and looking forward to the next party!

Lille Saukas

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